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Vol 5 No 3MAY / JUNE 2006
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Cancer and complementary medicine

To the Editor
Letters from readers
Cooked-up logic — Jenny Wilkinson Elementary, dear Watson — Bert Frigo
Nutrigenomics and breast cancer — John Fitzherbert
Book review — and proton pump inhibitors — reviewed — Henry Osiecki, Fiona Meeke
Which single-cell green food is that? — Ian Tracton

Developments in complementary health
Glucosamine's stumbling GAIT; Fish omega-3 findings; Post-Pan reform progress; Heart disease red herring: B vitamins or homocysteine; Trans-Tasman expert committee; CM and mental health; Palmetto sore about prostate

Acute & Chronic
Most people faced with a diagnosis of cancer turn to natural therapies. Dr Ginni Mansberg reviews the current evidence on options many may turn to

Therap in Focus
Pets and companion animals
How strong is the connection between health and keeping a pet? John Kron investigates the evidence for psychosocial benefits

To the Point
The sinew meridians
Dr David Mitchell explains how going with a different flow can ease a severe unilateral headache

Acute & Chronic
Breast cancer: reflections on its aetiology
The biological approach to this common cancer yields promise for prevention, suggests surgeon Mr John Fitzherbert

At Work
In the surgery — integrative insurance
Many GPs are wary of practising complementary medicine due to potential medicolegal ramifications. Kellie Bisset gets a grasp of the major issues at play

In the pharmacy — all eyes on iodine
With national iodine deficiency now confirmed, Jayne Tancred reviews the implications for pharmacists, particularly in regard to pregnancy and paediatrics

Nutrition Notes
Now the human genome is unravelled, a new connection between nutrition, disease and optimal health is being drawn, writes Prof Jennifer Jamison

Another nutrient many Australians are deficient in is reviewed by Dr Philip Kerr, who looks at supplementation options and whether the cold-and-flu claims are justified

Holistic Casebook
Crohn's disease
A low-stress diet and herbal and nutritional supplementation were the keys to Dr Joachim Fluhrer solving a case of inflammatory bowel disease

Functional Foods
Sleep apnoea and acupuncture
Snoring can be treated successfully with acupuncture, as Dr David Mitchell explains

Debates & Issues
The world's most traded beverage gets a bad wrap in health circles that may not be altogether fair, finds dietitian Sharon Natoli

Resource Review
A new oncology text and herbal handbook reviewed
Complementary Oncology: Adjunctive Methods in the Treatment of Cancer by Josef Beuth and Ralph W Moss — Prof Avni Sali
Mosby's Handbook of herbs & Natural Supplements by Linda Skidmore-Roth — Rony Azar

Debates & Issues
Scientific vs. traditional evidence
Claims for complementary medicines are polarised into scientific and traditional evidence, with the latter usually viewed as limited and biased. But is this fair? A research scientist and herbal-medicine lecturer debate

Low libido
Natural options for patients complaining of low sex drive, including a debate on the bio-identical hormone route. John Kron reports

Botanical Medicine
CPE Globe artichoke

The leaf extract from this Mediterranean staple is gaining research evidence for digestive and liver disturbances, says pharmacist Lesley Braun

Journal Digest
Summaries of CM research by the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research
Nutrients hasten ulcer healing — Clinical Nutrition
Yoga improves seniors' quality of life — Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
Anti-oxidants may help in hep C — Hepato-Gastroenterology
Migraines respond to acupuncture: true or false? JAMA
Soya for silent hypertensives — Annals of Internal Medicine
American ginseng: cold prophylactic — Canadian Medical Association Journal
Feverfew is migraine-few — Cephalagia
Probiotic doesn't lower cholesterol — European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Herbal formula attacks asthma — Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Professional Development
Ongoing, current and upcoming events
How, where and when to learn more about complementary medicine — courses, seminars and workshops for healthcare professionals around Australia

A guide to the range of complementary services available

Positions Vacant

Complement Fixation
An irreverent column to kick the sacred cows and stampede the science. All feedback is most welcome

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