The JCM Advertising Guidelines

The JCM only circulates to healthcare professionals – doctors and pharmacists (plus the naturopath employed in health food stores) – therefore advertising does not need to be pre-approved by the CHC.

The TGA has formally advised that advertising in the JCM is not required to comply with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, and does not have to carry any of the mandatory statements.

The advertisements you run in the JCM are not required to -

1. Be pre-approved.
2. Comply with Part 2 of the Therapeutic Goods Regulation and the Code.

This means the following statements are not required in any advertising you prepare for insertion in the JCM –

• Always read the label
• Use only as directed
• See your healthcare professional if systems persist

All advertising in the JCM has to comply with all the other relevant codes as per the wording included on the JCM’s advertising booking form –

Warranty and Representations

"The organisation on behalf of which this form is signed:

(a) warrants and represents that the advertising material supplied by the organisation is true and accurate, and that the advertisement complies with all relevant laws including without limitation, the Therapeutic Goods Act and Therapeutic Goods Regulations [Cth], and the Trade Practices Act [Cth].

(b) furthermore warrants and represents that any claims made for therapeutic goods in advertising supplied by the organisation are consistent with the products listed or registered indications for use. [Ref Therapeutic Goods Act section 22(5)]."

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